The project aims to increase understanding of the causes and consequences of population change through an exhibition, events and resources.


In research, important issues affecting every person's life are often hidden behind abstract figures like the number of births, the mortality rate or net migration. This project aims to present complex population research to the general public in an easy-to-understand format. Visitors to the exhibition and users of the materials are able to recognise and reflect on how demographic issues affect their own lives and those of future generations.

What do people think of our exhibition?

We carried out an evaluation of our exhibition to ensure it was meeting our objectives. Open to everybody and free to attend, the exhibition has been visited by people of all ages and walks of life. Teachers and school children use our schools programme and accompanying workbooks, using the exhibition to compliment their lessons. Members of the general public are able to browse the exhibition at their leisure. Stakeholders and practitioners have exchanged ideas at customised private view events, featuring talks from key speakers about the significance of the research for the local area and everyone is able to download the free App.

Media coverage

Inspiring the Living Longer series on BBC Breakfast, the exhibition was showcased on a live broadcast to over 7 million viewers, culminating in a fascinating debate between professionals, politicians and members of the public on the many issues raised.

You can read the latest from the Live to 100 blog here:

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